Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Containing Your Dog – Realistic Fencing Ideas and Fence Construction Tips

Fencing contractors are usually the experts when it comes to containing your four-legged friend. A normal fencing solution will probably not apply. This article looks at some tips and ideas that will be of interest to anyone who has a pet and wants to keep it.

Containing your overzealous pet, mutt, prince, or guard dog is a serious issue. If your dog gets out and attacks someone, you risk losing your loved one and being hit with enormous legal bills. Fencing that can handle what your dog will attempt to do will take a little extra effort and some lateral thinking. If you are serious about containing your animals, this is the article for you.

  • Height. This is the first obvious issue. Many dogs can actually leap higher than their owners think. Especially if they are agitated or excited. There will be legal height restrictions in your region and you probably should go for the maximum allowable height by the law.
  • Foot Holds. This is an area where many home fence builders neglect. If you have railings your dog may use them to get that final boost to get over the fence. Many owners wonder how it was possible for their dog to get over their fence – this is the common cause. Building a fence that does not allow for railings to be used for that final push to get over the top, is extremely important.
  • Tunnelling. Dogs love to dig. We all know that. All dogs will attempt to dig under a fence. That is second nature to them. They will hear noises on the other side and it is only normal for them to start digging to get to that other side. As soon as there is any hint they can get through by tunnelling, you can be sure their attention has been captivated. Having fence that digs deep into the ground or has a concrete base is the best. Concrete bases work the best because the dog soon knows there is no way through. If you have a fence that is 1 foot into the ground your dog will still be digging at the ground. This will mean education and repair work on your behalf.
  • Gates. Gates can be the easiest place for a dog to escape. If you are serious about containing your animals at your point of entry and exit, having a secondary gate to create a buffer zone between the access point is a sensible option.
  • Too See or Not to See. Dogs have an amazing ability to hear much beyond us mere mortals. Not allowing your dog to see what is going on the other side of a fence will not stop their interest in what is going on, it will probably increase it. Having a fence that can be seen through is a great way to keep your dog stimulated and visible to others. Your dog will get used to people and visitors. A dog that is contained inside a space might well get very bored if they cannot see what is going on. This could lead them to getting agitated and excited at any noise. If they can see what is going on, they are more likely to get used to it. You can assist this with training.
  • Shock Therapy. If you want to teach your animals not to mess with your fence, setting up a low voltage electric fence is a very real option for the worst behaved dogs. Your dog will learn very fast the fence should not be messed with.
Installing a fence you intend to use for containing animals should be given some forethought. Fencing contractors and handyman stores will have a range of materials and more ideas on tough solutions to deal with the most determined four-legged friends.


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