Thursday, February 24, 2011

Swimming pools and landscaping problems

If you’re having landscaping issues with the swimming pool area, there are some things you need to know. Not all the issues with landscaping are obvious. Some types of landscaping can create problems and some can fix them. In some cases it’s also advisable to talk to your local pool supplies expert about any possible issues the landscaping may cause.

Landscaping- What causes problems

In some cases, landscaping has unintentional effects:
  • Trees with large roots planted too close to the pool
  • Landscape features provide access over the swimming pool fence
  • Plants or features pose risks to pool systems
  • Fencing, trees or other features block sunlight, or don’t block it enough
  • Effects on soil of major landscaping works (particularly on clay) which can affect the pool base and lining
These are essentially structural issues, affecting the pool in various ways. You can see why you need to consider these effects, because some of them can cause major, expensive problems.

To deal with these problems:

A landscaper will be able to correct the landscaping issues problems quite easily, but if the pool has been physically damaged or its base compromised, you’ll need some professional advice from your pool supplier.

Note: In some cases it’s a very good idea to arrange a “meeting of the minds” between your landscaper and pool supplier. Between them they have the technical knowledge to solve both the pool and the landscaping issues.

Landscaping and pool systems problems

Another type of problem, often not obvious, is the effect of the environment on pool systems. A critical system like a pool pump, for instance, doesn’t need to be surrounded by invasive plants, or have overhanging branches dripping on it after rain. Soil materials like molds and fungi can also invade electrical systems, particularly if the area around them is naturally damp.

Another common problem is the fact that some landscapes provide natural habitats for animals like mice, insects and rats, all of which can damage electrical equipment. (Some types of small house ants actually prefer to nest in warm environments like electrical housings, and they destroy the wiring in the process. They even nest in electrical timers.) It’s advisable to clear these areas, and recreate the landscape into a safer environment.

The only other party which may become involved in this process is a fencing contractor, if necessary to realign, install or carry out any necessary fencing works. Some landscapers may be able to do this as part of the general works, or simply work around the existing fence. Fencing contractors can also install privacy screens if necessary.

Putting your landscaper to work on the problems

Landscapers can turn any pool setting into a beautiful oasis. The process is pretty straightforward:
  • Consultation with the landscaper (and pool supplier if necessary)
  • Site survey and discussion of issues
  • Plan preparation
  • Check to see if any local government approvals are required for works
  • Quote process
The result will be a great, landscaped pool environment, with no further problems. Call your local landscaper, and see what’s possible.


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