Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Stay in bed a bit longer

regular $29.00 – $169.00 special $23.00 – $135.00

With most of the MidWest expecting another huge storm this week it’s hard to think of snow, winter and snowflakes as beautiful. But white bedding has it's own warm beauty. And with a beautiful bedding set in your bedroom, it is easy to stay in bed a bit longer and forget about the storm. So I thought I would pay homage to it one last time before it disappears for yet another year!  Here are some winter inspired bedding sets that I absolutely love. And what could be better than savings on top of that.  Save 20% on all bedding for a limited time at West Elm!

regular $29.00 – $189.00 special $23.00 – $151.00
But there are many other great accessories at West Elm to complete your modern style house with beautiful contemporary things and modern furniture at a great price.

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