Monday, January 10, 2011

Office Flooring – What are the Options?

Don’t feel daunted! It can seem as though there are too many possibilities and flooring options for your office space. You possibly thought that selecting something for the floor would be one of the simplest decisions you would need to make for the interior of your business. There are a considerable number of alternatives and here we bring you some of the most popular and reputable choices.


Carpet has traditionally been used in office spaces and for good reason – it can look effective while still being functional. You may be tempted to try to save on the cost of your carpet but it is with a warning that this is done. Quality carpet lasts longer and is more durable. By choosing a cheaper and inferior product, you may well end up having to pay for carpet again and well before you expect and should have to.

It is also important that you choose a type of carpet that is appropriate for the area in which it will be installed. If there is a significant amount of foot traffic, choose a durable and hard wearing carpet that will show as few signs of wear and tear as possible, in preference to a plush and very nice looking carpet that is more appropriate for a private home.

Carpet Tiles:

Carpet tiles represent a great alternative to conventional carpet. Now available in an extensive range of colours, styles and patterns, carpet tiles can be used in unique ways and to create particular effects, or can be used in more familiar ways to cover large floor spaces. Tiles can be easily replaced, are far more straightforward and quick to install than carpet. In addition, they are often made with eco-friendly products and through sustainable processes.


Vinyl is not to be confused with the gaudy and quite ugly lino that you may well associate with the floor of your grandmother’s kitchen. Vinyl is available in a range of modern and attractive colours and styles and can be used to enhance an office space. Contemporary vinyl can even be sourced with a cushion underlay and of course, has excellent water proof qualities.

When considering vinyl as a possible flooring option, it is important to consider the different slip ratings. Do not ignore this characteristic of different types of vinyl – it is important to choose the most appropriate product for the needs and purposes of your office.


Durable, hard wearing and often easy to clean, tiles can look fabulous and can create a modern, sleek and sophisticated impression. However, tiles must be laid properly in order for them to be a sound investment in flooring. Tiles that have not been laid well can lead to frustration and wasted money.

Consider also the finish of the tiles used. Different effects are created through shiny or matte tiles and it is useful to evaluate the merits of each in your own office space.

Epoxy Paint:

Epoxy paint is a good option if the floor that it will cover is subjected to spills. Flooring of this type is easy to clean up and entirely practical for settings such as warehouses and other industrial contexts. Epoxy paint can be a cost effective option and will often enhance the look and feel of a large area.

Polished Timber:

Ever popular, this type of flooring comes in two main varieties: authentic polished timber boards and floating floor panel systems. Flooring of this type can be effectively used in reception, display and foyer areas but is less well suited to offices and work areas as floorboards can be noisy and have poor acoustic properties.


Now manufactured and available in an array of attractive colours, lino is vastly different to the material best known for its use on kitchen floors! Lino is often made from natural products and while it is an appropriate flooring option in many locations, it is not the best option in wet areas.

Flooring is a very important aspect of the interior design of any office. However, it is vital to choose the most appropriate and durable option for the space in which it will be installed as well as the most attractive and cost effective type of floor covering.


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Blake said...

It really depends on the look you want to create for your office. Most of the office buildings have either tile or carpet flooring. But if you want to employ something unusual, go for wood or timber boards.

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Keara Littner said...

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