Monday, May 23, 2011

Interior Design Tips to Make the Most of Every Hotel Room and Boost Business

Better interior design can mean a radical improvement in business for even a discount hotel. If you are managing, operating or the owner of a small hotel, good design is your ticket to making great revenue. This article looks at some of the basics from the perspective of a traveller, who has seen many hotels, and a few renovated, that had booming business.

If you are managing, operating, or the owner of a hotel or other paid accommodation, interior design will always be an issue for you. There are many examples of boutique hotels that are making more money because they spent a little time and thought outside of the box, when it came to designing their interiors, and what items of furniture they used. Good choices can mean real savings in maintenance and labour. Let’s look at some of the options that can be employed. Good design will mean you are busier and can charge more for your rooms. It does not mean that it will have to cost you more to set up.

  • Lighting. Lighting is one of those areas that has come a long way in recent years. There are a range of lighting products that are inexpensive, and yet have a very expensive feel. Upward lighting creates space. When there is only one room, it is always the best option. Seriously consider this choice. Central ceiling lights are old-fashioned, condense the feel of a room, so old fashioned and are not effective.
  • Flooring. Carpet has long been out of fashion, and yet many hotels still continue to use it. More people do not want carpet in their homes, and so why would they want it in your hotel? Modern wooden floorings made from sustainable wood chips are very effective as insulators – perfect for any climate. These new floor types are very easy to maintain, relatively cheap and easy to install, and you will not have all that filth that builds up with carpets.
  • Furniture. It is not very often that I have stayed in a hotel and found a chair or table that I would use. I travel on business a lot, and have regularly wondered about this issue. There are amazing Sydney office chair suppliers, and yet we rarely see them as a part of a hotel arrangement. Choosing furniture that you want to use, is an issue that is commonly overlooked by hotel management. Too often we see that the furniture looks good, but is not comfortable to use. This also goes for lounge or sofa seats. Creative and functional items that are comfortable to sit in and use, should be your goal.
  • Walls. Again, design can do a lot for you. Much of the space in a room is wasted because the walls are not utilized properly. Walls should always be darker than your ceiling and lighter than your floors. This will create a sense of space. Walls that can be cleaned easier will obviously last longer. Good paints are worth the investment.
  • Air Conditioning. Another big area in many hotels is vents blasting air out from high up. Where possible the ventilation should be lower to the ground, around the level of our knees. Individual standing units can be converted into a wall table with a raised platform. Slow moving fans are very suitable for some climates and can save you a lot of money on costs.
I have seen some very impressive before and after renovations on my travels. They do not have to cost you a lot, and you will increase your revenue with a touch of style and atmosphere.


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