Saturday, December 27, 2008

Winter is here...

I live in Portland, OR, where the climate is mild and the winters are rainy. Right? Well, usually that is the case, but having just come through the biggest snow storm in 40 years, I have just one thing on my mind - snow, snow and more snow! I'll walk you through the winter wonderlands of more than a few DSG artists who have celebrated the snow in their work.

Winter Sparkles 4x6 original painting by Melanie of The Creators Palette.

Christmas Light original 8x10 oil painting by Brenda Thour of Luvs2Paint.

Frozen 8x10 photographic print from Jorjia.

Christmas Eve Snow #287 16x20 oil painting from Paint With Barb Oil Paintings.

Sunrise Snow 12x18 photographic print from Alison Du Bois.


Melanie said...

Great items in this post Kristina, and thank you for including winter sparkles!

I didn't realize we lived so close... but I too live near Portland... about 15 East down the Gorge and this snow is the most amazing thing I've seen!!!

In fact, I could hardly stop painting snow scenes... a "flurry" of new snow paintings are in my shop LOL!

Thanks for your post!

Mark,Suzanne Vainner said...

Beautiful! We here in Michigan had record snow this far heehee...
It is so beautiful and I was actually bummed when a couple of days later it warmed up, rained and melted away. Nothing as amazing as sitting inside a real snow globe watching a Cardinal pose over and over outside :)


Unknown said...

What a surprise, thank you so much for including my Christmas Light painting.

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