Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Imagine. "To form a mental image." The word comes from Latin imaginari which is from imago or image.

The holidays are a time for imagination; and visual imagery is an important aspect of imagination. From the visions of sugar plums, to the decorations in every home, the festive sights and sounds are everywhere. People are busy rushing here and there; some even frantically trying to finish every last detail to create this impression of wonder.

Since the image is the base of imagination I thought this months posting would be a quieter reflection of images from the Design Style Guide photographers. Take some time out of your busy day for quiet reflection and let your imagination drift around the globe through the images of the many talented photographers on Design Style Guide


Alison Du Bois said...

What a lovely post ~ very welcome after the hectic holidays. Thanks so much for including my meditative "On The Path" in your collection :)

suzanne.artist said...

Love the blueberry shot especially-and one next to it-talented representation of photographers!

Unknown said...

What a beautiful collection!!

Unknown said...

I love how you did this post with an etsy mini. What a great idea, and what a beautiful collection of art.

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