Friday, October 3, 2008

Furniture with a Mission

I have always had a great appreciation for arts & crafts and mission style furniture. You know when you by a well constructed arts and craft piece it will last a life time. You may even get to leave it in your will. Dryad Studios handcrafts some of the finest Mission,Arts & Crafts, and Mackintosh style furniture.

Dryad has taken extra measures to control their quality. Their furniture is handmade from the tree up. They actually raise, log, saw, dry and produce the parts for their furniture.
If you haven’t taken a look at Dryad’s Etsy store it would certainly be worth your time.


Anonymous said...

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dryadstudios said...

Many thanks for the kind words. The 5 of us at Dryad Studios spare NO effort to accomplish our "MISSION".
No need to go further here...PLEASE VISIT THE NEWEST VERSION OF OUR WEB SITE, There is a lot more there than just our furniture. You can tour the past 35 years of our efforts to combine sensitive stewardship with energetic and forward looking craftsmanship. We take a long look at the past, examine our lives in the present, and take careful stock of what the future holds for us.
More than furniture, the Arts & Crafts Movement was, and is, about all of our impact on the planet.

Midnightcoiler said...

I've admired Dryad's furniture as well. It's significant to me that it is made from wood grown, harvested and prepared right there. You know the artisan is connected throughout the entire process and there is heart and soul in the finished work.

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