Friday, August 1, 2008

A Posting of Potters

I have always been intrigued by unique pieces of functional pottery that is “just cool to look at”. I have an appreciation for the original designs the Interior Design Team potters have shown in their work. Potters must spend time choosing the right clay, hand shaping a piece and mixing glazes similar to a wood worker. Here are several artists whose original designs deserve to be showcased.

Mad Hatters Pottery

This hand crafted pot is made of earthenware clay, embellished with a lovely ornament, glazed and fired in Mad Hatters studio, then filled with 100% soy wax and the unique fragrance of Nag Champa. Visit this artist store to view more original work.

Greenwood Studio

A bit of whimsy can be found in these Three Stooges Cups by Greenwood Studio. The cups were wood fired with natural ash. Shawn Erin McGuire creates teapots, vases, cups and jars all to be found at his store.

Pats Pottery

Originally I was going to show the great mugs made at Pats Pottery. I enjoy the color and shape of the mugs. But I found this stoneware pear with the most fantastic color combinations and just had to share it. Make sure to visit this shop and see the functional pieces as well as the decorative items.

Clay Dame

Unique functional pieces are found at Clay Dames: trinket jars, vases, and bowls each with a flower motif and fun color. This soap dish caught my eye; what a great addition in the bird egg blue for your bath.


Jean Levert Hood said...

Beautiful pottery pieces! I love the pear. I've collected pottery for years, and use my pieces for so many things. Thank you for showing us these great selections!

pat's pottery said...

I just discovered this wonderful post:>)

Thank you so much for spot-lighting my stoneware pear!

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