Thursday, July 31, 2008

Wonderful Blues

I wasn't sure what my theme was going to be, but once I started searching under InteriorDesignTeam, and finding such beautiful items, it became easy. The first couple of items I fell in love with were blue, so that made it easy to decide on a theme. I love blue, it is such a calming and beautiful color. Imagine these gorgeous items in your home. These are just a few items you can find on etsy, there are many, many more.


by jennifermiller

I think homemade quilts are so beautiful, and this one by JenniferMiller is fantastic with the gorgeous blues and purples! Reminds me of the ocean off a tropical island.

Blue Appaloosa

by ExcessoriesKC

When I saw this, I thought WOW! I love the ambience of this stool and lamp set by ExcessoriesKC. The color combinations are fantastic.

by ArtGlassFusion

Fresh and appealing is what sprang to mind when I found this piece by ArtGlassFusion. This picture frame would look great displaying your favorite photo.

by JDWolfePottery

I could not resist showing JDWolfePottery's ceramic water pitcher. There's just something about it!

Yummy! This fluted glass bowl by SassyGlassy is breathtakingly beautiful and has such a rich and luxurious look to it.

Contemporary Ceramic Bathroom Sink One of a Kind by

This bathroom sink by slavko is very classy looking, and would look great in my bathroom.

Orignal Triptych Painting Set - Dandelions

There is something about abstract art that I absolutely love, and this piece by EarthArt is amazing!


Itaya Art said...

Beautiful painting! One of my favorite artists on Etsy!


Jean Levert Hood said...

These are all wonderful pieces. I particularly am fond of "Triptych Painting Set - Dandelions," by Earth Art. That's a great piece!

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