Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Preserved plants and flowers : how to keep them safe

Preserved floral decoration

Floral DIY enthusiasts know since long time how to use silk flowers to create floral arrangements.

Considering the success that preserved flowers are having , and the fact that preserved flowers are conquering a large slice of the market belonging to silk flowers , Il Numero Verde decided to release this small How-to to help our customers ( and potential ones ) to better understand how to use at best their brand new preserved flowers.

This tutorial is organized in small paragraphs to be easy to understand and put in practice .


This is a small list of practices to avoid damaging your preserved roses

- keep them beetween 12 and 28 Celsius degrees

- do not water them

- avoid touching petals and parts of the flowers with water

- keep them in dry environments without dust

- do not put them out of the boxes until you have to use them

- do not keep them less than 50 cm to warm electrical lights , because on a long exposition to hot lights preserved flowers will begin to lose colour


To avoid ruining your preserved flowers while you are using them ( for example : by breakingleaves ) follow these giudelines :

- when you fix preserved heads with glue , always wait 10 seconds before putting the flower's head at contact with the hot glue

- if you fix with iron wire , never insert the wire form the bottom of the head but always from one of its side . This will avoid the bud to crush or lose petals

- although the quality of foam is not a must , use professional foams when working with preserved flowers , for example choose the brand Oasis to be sure that your stems won't suffer or dry

- do not use preserved flowers or petals with cold glue or adhesive tape beacuse petals will get damaged

- do not mix in the same floral arrangement preserved flowers and fresh cut flowers , because when people will water the fresh ones , the preserved flowers will get damaged . But you can mix without problems preserved roses and artificial greenery

We hope these small hints will help you enjoying the best results possible with your beautiful preserved flowers. And if you are looking for preserved flowers have a look at our online boutique , proudly specialized in providing to floral professionals the best preserved plants since 1999.


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