Tuesday, August 4, 2009

TIP from an Interior Designer Jennifer Mitchell

When you view a vendor’s website, what is the most important factor when deciding to buy an item, i.e. image, accurate description, quality, design, location etc.?

Make it easy to navigate! Let me get the information I need quickly. Don’t make me sit through “intros”. I think all online companies should take a look at Zappos. They really get it. I want to see a large image. If a product comes in various finishes, I want to see the product in all of those finishes. It’s nice to see it in a room setting to get a sense of scale. An accurate description regarding construction and dimensions are imperative. I like a good return policy as well. Let’s face it – online no one can really see what a product looks like – especially when it comes to color. Let me buy several items and return the one that doesn’t work.

*Note: The image above is from Jennifer's portfolio -published with her permission and is subject to copyright.

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Thanks Jenny


Will @ Bright.Bazaar said...

There are some really good tips here - we totally agree that an easy to navigate website makes SUCH a different.

Great interview; thank you.

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