Thursday, August 6, 2009

Birdhouse Blessings

I am so excited by what I found today. I was looking through our listings on Design Style Guide and came across these adorable birdhouses of Birdhouse Blessings by S&K Creations. I would like to start using bird houses and bird feeders to attract more birds to our yard, and these beauties stopped me in my tracks. Yes, they are functional birdhouses, but many of their customers also use them to decorate the interior of the home. The workmanship and details are delightful.
Now you may ask, who is S&K Creations? Well, this is a husband and wife team, Steve and Kate, and their etsy store is called Birdhouse Blessings. Steve builds the birdhouses, and Kate carves the shingles and paints the birdhouses. They are painted on all sides, including the back, so they look great from all sides, and clear coated.


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