Saturday, April 18, 2009

Room With A View - Welcome To My World

Whether your world is big or small, mad or wonderful, it is a wide, wide world in terms of interior design and home decor. Liven up any room in your home with handmade decor featuring coast to coast world and map graphics by the Design Style Guide team on Etsy.

This world map wall decal from rEvolv3r comes in several sizes and colors, and is especially suited to a living room or home office.

Home accessories, such as this custom decoupaged map tray from Carolina's Cottage, are sure to assist your desk or tabletop organization while incorporating visual interest into any decorating style.

This vintage globe turned wall clock from IMOTIME adds dimension, color, and humor to the art of clock-watching.

A black and white topography art pottery bowl from Love Art Works is large enough for showcasing favorite tabletop treasures while allowing the design to shine through.

Handcut and etched copper, over glossy textured red, punches up a representation of the Seattle, Washington area in wall art from Copper Leaf Studios.

Roads Traveled, an original acrylic painting from Fauve Studio, suggests a world map in striking, abstract style.

Functional art, this storage table from Kelly Guswiler Studio displays a Chesapeake Bay, Virginia chart map preserved under polyacrylic, and accented with stained glass mosaic tiling and rain glass doors.


Andrea said...

Great picks! I love the trays and the clock in very interesting!

Unknown said...

I really like the map trays because they provide extra storage for loose items that you find lying around, while providing insightful information of the world. The globe clock is awesome too because it is just unique by itself and lastly is the acrylic painting which is so interesting and would definitely make the place look more sophisticated. I guess simple things can indeed make the place look less dull and not everything that is pretty needs to be expensive afterall.

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