Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Kitchen refurbishment!

Recently, our kitchen underwent a total refurbishment.  All the dust and upheaval has been worth it though even though I complained whilst all the work was being done.  Trouble was it seemed to be a constant moving of dust from one end of the house to the other only to have to start again at the beginning once one set of workmen had finished their jobs.

Anyway, I was pleased with the result and even managed to find a good excuse to ditch some of the more decorative items and renew them.  This meant my having to search and where would be the best place to start?  You’ve got it!  Right here in the super Interior Designs Team.

To tell the time I thought this would look cute.


Whisper - Yellow-Barn Red - Earth-friendly contemporary handcrafted pendulum wall clock

by Infinity Arts


Pot Holders Red Toile Kitchen Accessories

by Tish1




Wire wrapped orange bottle with cork lid

by Xanadu2You



Natural Edge Walnut Bench/Coffee Table with Red Cedar Legs

by Truesdell Design



Garlic Baker or Brie Baker

by Deb Babcock




I hope you have enjoyed some of these items that I found from the Interior Design Team on Etsy.  If you are interested there are loads of other brilliant products created by other members.   All you have to do is type ‘interiordesignteam’ into your search for ‘all items; tags titles or simply click on the link and you will be astonished at the selection presented to you!


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