Monday, April 13, 2009

Four to Watch Out For

Today I'm going to discuss four Design Style Guide members you should be paying more attention to, and I'll do so by examining one piece of furniture from each.

Black Elm's description says, "An original design by Black Elm Woodworking. This table also features a globular effect with increasing slat lengths towards the center. Handmade of solid walnut with cherry accents." I say this design looks back at designs of the past and gives them a gentle push into the 21st century. There are shades of Art Deco styling that make me think of  New York City in the first half of the last century, but with stunning walnut and cherry in place of metallic shine and glitz. This is pure beauty and you can put it in your home.

Wink's description of this table reads, "This one-of-a-kind steel bench features a maple seat made from mid-century work tables rescued from a retired sewing machine factory in Connecticut. Although it looks like wormwood, the small markings on the seat are actually punch marks made in day-to-day operations of the factory. The overall effect is extremely attractive and eye-catching. The steel base has a wonderful patina that is waxed to a soft shine." I love using reclaimed lumber in my projects and I'm fairly certain I would have passed out at the prospect of building something with this wood. Kudos to Wink Art & Design for finding the perfect design for this wood, making the whole a work of art, indeed.

This great copper topped table as described by Lyons Contracting, "Hand finished maple legs and bottom rail, copper top with flamed hand hammered finish. You can let the copper patina naturally or you can keep the finish you see with a little butchers wax once a year." What a beautiful piece of furniture this is! Personally, I'd let the copper turn green for a few years, then seal it up with some wax to preserve it. This is a wonderful marriage of wood and metal, and it gives me ideas. It should be giving decorators ideas as well.

Black Mountain Furniture's description reads, "Built with the family in mind the table shown here measures 72"L x 38"W x 30"H and seats 6 comfortably. Finished in a two-tone finish using Vintage White with Dark Walnut this table will be the focal gathering point for any family. It has turned legs and 2 drawers to store silverware or linens." And other options are available. This is a classic American dinner table, constructed of a classic American wood, walnut. The beauty is in the lines and in the wood itself, and it's obvious the designer knows when to let the wood speak for itself.

Design Style Guide seems to be chock full of wonderful designers and artists. Some push the frontiers of design just far enough without letting the design obscure the function. Others look back to our past and lovely recreate it for a modern consumer. And some take inspiration from the past and give it a distinctly modern twist. They are all worthy of your attention.


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Kristina Law said...

Jay, what a wonderful article! Thank you so much for bringing our attention to these artists.

Mystic Silks said...

Jay, great article!!

These are masters in their field of creating furniture--:)

Jay Neale III said...

They are extremely talented, aren't they?

Kris said...

Very nice. I love the simplicity of each piece, but yet it speaks volumes in style. Very talented woodworkers.

Great post!

Have a happy day


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