Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Art To Art Colorado

I have long been a fan of Art To Art Colorado!

Cheri's work is fresh and expressive. Her work includes paintings, assemblages, mixed media and digital art that range from representational to abstract.

A lifelong artist and native of Colorado, Cheri has a degree in Art and has studied in Mexico on two occasions. Currently she is focusing on traditional painting, digital painting, collage, traditional collage on canvas, miniatures and fun assemblages from old worn out junk.

She loves finding discarded items and bringing new life to them in an artistic way.

Legend of the Flying Bear is available for $110.00.

Her style is varied depending on the piece and the goal of a given project... and it can range from representational, impressionistic, or surreal to pure abstraction. She believes it is important to push the limits of her creative expression and to continually learn and grow through a variety of media.

This Southwest style piece is Mesa Verde, available for $795.00.

Cheri has shown in juried competitions at the international level and has won several awards in art, along with being represented by numerous regional galleries and gift shops. Her studio in Colorado is shared with loyal canine 'critics' (two Border Collies and a Lab) named Miss Hatfield, Durango Jazz and Dog.

Rock Mountain Highway is a traditional landscape available for $575.00.

Nature has always been a strong inspiration for her work. Her life in Colorado has been the reason for that deep love of the mountains and wilderness. In her free time she loves to read, write poetry, embroider, fish, target shoot, explore and cook. She has a very cool cabin in the high country to escape to and get away from it all.

Two Trees is a modern digital painting available for $25.00.

You won't be disappointed in her work!


Jean Levert Hood


Karen Faulkner said...

Beautiful! Her range is amazing.

Kris said...


Jean Levert Hood said...

Yes, Karen, amazing range! Here work has caught my eye for a few years now.
Glad you commented, Kris, thank you!

Art2ArtColorado said...

Good morning!
I am so honored to be featured here!

Thank you so much, Jean, and all of the rest of the members of Design Style Guide, who make up this vibrant and growing community.

You all inspire me so much and I am very grateful to be a small part of this great group of artists and designers.

Thank you!

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