Thursday, January 29, 2009

Look how the Lilies Grow....

Lilies have been on my mind - a lovely shape to decorate with, a meaningful flower of gentleness and remembrance. So as I thought about this post, I decided to search for Lily on our website The Design Style Guide. The first four items that came up on my search are excellent example of how talented and how varied our artists are here on the Design Style Guide!

Take and look and click on the picture to see more wonderful items from these creators:Fragrance Oil Reed Diffuser by MelroseFields

Lily Candle Sticks by handforgeworks

A beautifully scented Soy candle which includes the fragrance of Tiger Lily
by Mireasma

Original Waterlily Painting by tagscats


Unknown said...


Just came across your blog, and we absolutely love it!

My name is Alex, and I am the a designer for

We have a really great collection of furniture, linens and rugs, and we're really trying to spread the word.
Next week, on february 5th, we will be part of an auction organized by Becon Hill to benefit the Alpha Workshops. For this event we designed a heart shaped pillow with one or our fabrics

Let us know if you can help us out- it'd be an honor to be featured on your site!

Looking forward to working with you. Thanks!

Creative Coquette said...

I love that diffuser!

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