Friday, January 30, 2009

Inspired By Nature...

It is a foggy morning here in Portland. As I sit facing the window, I can easily daydream myself into a forest with thick mist clinging to the tree branches. Momentarily I am a bird perched with my beak tucked securely under one wing...delightful. So let's see what the Design Style Guide can do for my fantasy...

The brilliant blues of this "What A Hoot" pillow cover from Sun2Create add a retro touch to my reverie. Measures 12x16" / priced at $14

A refinished chair from Vintage Renewal - a beautiful combo of crisp white linen and a vintage floral pattern with appliqued birds up the back. Perfect for daydreaming and priced at $480.

Speaking of fantasy - a digital collage from Blame The Moon, combines original illustration, photography and digital painting. Print measures 8x10" / priced at $18

How about a Fancy Scrolled Tree With Birds vinyl wall decal from Chuck E Byrd Wall Art - no need to tuck under a wing in the warmth of your own living room! Measures 12x20" / priced at $24.95

This "Tattoo-Bluebird Sphere" vase from One-off Pottery and Modern Ceramics can come to roost easily just about anywhere in your home. Measures 3.4" tall / priced at $50

Ah, here I am, full circle, back outside in the chilly morning mist. At least I have some company in this original acrylic painting titled "Waiting In Moonlight" from Snapdragon Studios. Measures 24x30" / priced at $450


Andrea said...

I love birds and these are some great finds!

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