Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Art That Keeps You Warm

A beautiful quilt is truly a work of art. As a bonus, it can also keep you warm at night! Two hundred years ago, our predecessors stitched scraps from old clothing into covers, and layered these together to create quilts that were more utilitarian than artistic. But when fabric became more readily available and affordable, women could also begin to express their creativity through their patchwork and applique. Today's quilter has access to a virtually limitless variety of cotton fabric. With modern tools and techniques, as well as more leisure time than our predecessors, quiltmaking is enjoying a huge revival. If you love beautiful quilts but are not inclined to create one yourself, you can find the work of many talented quilters on the Design Style Guide. Below are just a few examples.

Click on any photo for more information about the item or the artist.

"Garden Bouquet" by Betts Quilts

"Memories of the Titanic" by Pamela Quilts

"Starburst" by Quilt Lover

"Dragonfly Batik" by Jennifer Miller

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