Thursday, November 20, 2008

Getting ready for the Holidays

Are we ready for the Holidays? I wonder how the time goes so fast, this month is almost less than a week Thanksgiving will be here and then less than a month later Christmas. I know many of you are thinking what to buy to give to others. More than any time people are thinking more handcrafted than ever before. So what do a person do, I like to make a simple list of just everyones names and write down my ideas for them and then when I do get the gift or gifts I like to write it down as at a age of even 51 I can never remember when I got a person. So lets find so great gifts tonight.....

HUMMINGBIRD FEEDER, glass, BLUE, with dichroic Dragonflies from GloriousGlassGarden My husband just loves anything of hummingbirds....and this is price fair at $29.00 plus

Many of you know that I paint oil paintings, myself but I was writing this up tonight and Scott was here, the 6 year old nephew, and he saw this painting and it just spoke to him with the mountain and the hillside and the cabin... Solitude - Painting by SageWest

Check out this item, Monster Wooden Treasure Hunt I Spy Box NO NEED TO READ, from cookiedough,

Sorry this post was more hurried as I thought I would have all day to get it done but then I had family issues come up again but I hope you will enjoy....
I hope you will visit these artists at etsy or at least search for your favorite artists with using the team tag of interiordesignteam the next time you visit etsy. Well I had better get back to may visit my etsy shop at or my main site, for all types of oil paintings.


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