Saturday, November 22, 2008

5 Holiday Treats (but not for your tummy)


First up is a beautiful poinsettia mosaic tray from Catnip Studio Too. The tray itself is a vintage piece measuring approximately 12 inches across and turns atop a lazy-susan. I can't imagine covering up the terrific design with anything, but it would make a gorgeous centerpiece.

Decorating with dishes is fun and easy with this line of decorative handmade ceramic plates from Blue Sky Pottery. This one is a playful green and yellow glazed design with pink and white accents, but there's also an subtler ice blue plate with a white Christmas Tree that is just as wonderful!

I spotted this jolly rendition in a treasury several days ago. The Painted Palm Frond Santa from Suzanne Rall-Smith measures 25 inches high and comes with a leather strap for hanging. I've never seen anything quite like this and I think it may just replace the Wreath as my front door decor of choice....

...That is, if it weren't for this shimmering beauty from Dancing Circle. The Golden Ring Preserved Christmas Wreath is made from Oregon copper salal leaves with a golden sheen (and may just unseat the painted palm frond santa on my front door),

Next up, I discovered this sweet scene from Catbird Studio, which I thought would make a perfect gift and would not even need a frame. It is an orginal painting of a wintry scene, measures approximately 4 x 6 inches and is painted on a sturdy slide mailer.

It dawns on me that prints make a perfect holiday decoration. All they need is a space on the wall or on the book shelf and they store easily the rest of the year (not that they wouldn't be just as beautiful all year round)! Winter Solstice by Gentry Art.
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