Saturday, October 25, 2008

DSG Dressed In Fall Colors

Autumn evokes so many warm feelings of abundance and the rich colors of changing leaves are an obvious choice for decorating home and hearth. Here is a sampling of how Design Style Guide artists catch the fleeting essence of autumn's leaves in their art and designs.

Let's begin our tour with this lovely photographic print from Ara133 Photography. I chose this particular photograph (out of a whole host of beautiful fall photographs) for its simplicity and starkness. The white background gives the illusion of a painting instead of a photograph, but with the depth and detail characteristic of photography!

This gorgeous table runner from Cranberry is a case in point, right down to the maple leave beaded fringe. But it doesn't stop at leaves, as her table decor selection covers every season and holiday.

This delightful original painting by Debra Linker, entitled Yellow Leaf, captures the color change up close and seems to possess the power of illumination.

I absolutely love this pillow cover from Umber Dove. It is aptly named The Tree Hugger and I love the play of tree trunk and tree ring and leaf design and, though the color is a bit more subtle than some of my other choices, I couldn't resist giving it a spotlight!

I must admit I have a thing for coasters of all kinds right now and these lovelies from Teresa's Ceramics struck my fancy. I love how the leaves are in mid-change and how they seem to be "fossilized" in the irregular-shaped ceramic squares.

Finally, I discovered this brilliant pair of etched copper maple leaf wall tiles from Copper Leaf Studios and decided that no parade of autumn leaf decor would be complete without a touch of shimmery, rich, warm copper!


Alison Du Bois said...

Breathtakingly beautiful!

Debra Linker said...

Beautiful decor ideas! You did a great job with your selections and descriptions. I am honored, and humbled, to be included with such talented artisans. Thank you!

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