Saturday, September 27, 2008

Fine Art Photography

I graduated from college more than 10 years ago with my degree in photography. I never wanted to photograph weddings or do portraiture and I was too timid to pursue photography as a fine art - so I turned to a life of clockmaking. Every now and then I feel a little wistful about my decision and I go back through all of my accumulated prints and slides. Today, instead of turning to my past to revisit my love of fine art photography, I decided to look through the Design Style Guide group's photography and find a few pieces that I most imagined decorating with. So, humor me, and take this little tour through the fine photography offered by some of the Design Style Guide's most inspired photographers. Delight in the range of composition, style and technique. Feel the emotional tug that can only be experienced when viewing something real and natural through another person's eyes.

From Ashton Photography + Design, a gorgeous low angle view of a wooden windmill with cherry blossoms in the foreground.

From Madrin Photography, an inspiring macro shot of a transformative insect on a pine bough.

How beautiful is this? Macro cactus shot from Thrive Style photography, a stunning lotus design courtesy of mother nature.

I love this technique from Linda Plaisted of Manymuses Studio. She uses it masterfully to place her subjects in the land of dreams.

I couldn't resist the jellies from Mystiqueisland. I imagine that having this on my wall would be a little like having my own private aquarium (minus the maintenance)!
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