Thursday, September 25, 2008

Around the Next Corner- HALLOWEEN!!

Pumpkin and Black Cat (Original acrylic painting 5x5 inch canvas)by Hickerson

With a crisp fall breeze blowing through the air and leaves falling everywhere, the time has come to celebrate the season with a little Halloween decorating. Leave it to the talented DesignStyle artists to come up with the perfect accents for your home.

Skull's Night Out - Night Light by Mariposa

Ghosts of Salem - - 5x7 Fine Art Photograph Print by ara133photography

ShaNickers Wall Decal/Sticker-Spiderweb Headboard by Shanon1972

Psycho Killer Black Red Halloween Wreath by DancingCircle

With so many spooky and striking decorative accessories from the DesignStyleGuide, your home will be eye-popping before you can say "Trick or Treat"!


Kandas | GratitudeGeek said...

ACK! You scared me!

I love ShaNickers Wall Decals. They are amazing.

The pumpkin and black cat acrylic is pretty, in an eerie-spooky kind of way. :)

Alison Du Bois said...

Spooky, creepy, fun inspiration! I'm ready to start decorating:)

ara133photography said...

Awesome stuff!! I loooooove Halloween, these are fab! esp the web headboard - how cool! :)

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