Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Wonderful Watercolors

There's no quicker way to brighten a room than by hanging new artwork. And there's no quicker way to find a great selection of artwork than to search the Etsy shops of Interior Design Team members. The above is a small sampling of watercolors only. On Etsy it's possible to search "handmade items" by typing "interiordesignteam" in the search box, followed by any other parameters you desire, such as color, subject, medium, or even room. There is a large pool of talented artists on the Team, offering paintings for all tastes and budgets! If you want more details on any of the samples above, click the sampler to enlarge it, and then you can read the painting title and store name. In the right hand column on this page you will find a shop directory for one-click access. Happy shopping!
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