Sunday, June 22, 2008


I don’t know about you, but when I’m at home I want to FEEL at home, I want to be surrounded by things that represent who I am. Fashion doesn’t always affect me, and I’m sure we can all say the same. Sometimes I’ll walk past an interiors shop and want to buy everything in there. But most of the time I would much rather walk into an antiques shop and take the whole lot home and surround myself with its history! I love a weathered look to things. I love buying trinkets with stories I will never know attached to them, and I love bringing these things into my life and attaching my own story to them! Recycling doesn’t just have to be about the environment, it can also be about passing things on, and sharing a bit of history!
When buying anything handmade, I like to see the story that’s gone into making it. I don’t want a factory-made look! I want to see the character of the maker coming through, the strange concoction of colours, the quirky composition and the edges or seams that may not be quite right. Imperfection is part of a handmade products charm!

This quirky photo by pillowhappy really does it for me! The composition and the look on her face is so entertaining, and I love the sepia tone to the photo that gives it that weathered look! Check it out at

I love this pillow cover. All the colours and patterns…that feeling that lindylou2 has cut up a bunch of beautiful clothes and stitched them all carefully together! So so lovely!

The loveliest thing about these prints is the mixture between the thick colours and simple black line drawings. NestaHome gives the buyer an opportunity to mix and match, which is ace because we all have individual tastes do we not?! Love it!

(family tree) How lovely is this dish?! It’s quirky and it isn’t circular! Whoever said dishes needed to be circular?! And best of all you can have it made personally for you. THIS is why I love etsy! Where else can such loveliness occur?!

Anyway, that’s just a few of the things that I hope state my point! How lovely and wonderful buying and selling can be when passed from one hand to the next, just like the olden days! Happy shopping!!


Unknown said...

Lovely selections! I especially love that pillow cover from Lindylou2. What a gorgeous combination of fabrics!!

Craftymoose Crafts said...

These are all really pretty! I liked your comments about how you prefer things passed down with stories. I think that is why alot of us in this team create home decor--I know I make my beaded flowers hoping they will become family heirlooms to be passed down from generation to generation.

:: creative brand strategies :: demand generation :: said...

These are great choices. The line drawings are beautiful whimsical accents for a home.

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