Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Finding the right VASE

The summer flowers are blooming! My garden is bursting with roses and foxglove and soon the blue hydrangeas will be in bloom too! But even when the garden is not yielding it's bounty, I often keep dried flowers throughout the house to remind me that blooming time will return!

But what do you put those lovely flowers in? The perfect vase requires several things. It must fit with your overall room decor. It must be the right size for the type of flowers you are displaying and, in my opinion, the best flower vases are unique!

Here's just a little sampling of some of the wonderful vases you can find, for your decorating needs, on Etsy by searching "InteriorDesignTeam"! No matter what your style - there is something here for everyone!

Keep in mind, as you search, that vases made of wood, gourd or are Raku fired are best for those dried arrangements as they are not suggested for holding water.

Handmade by SassyGlassy

Handmade Vase by Juditavill

Handmade by DkPottery

Handmade by ClayDame

Handmade by Studio1212Ceramics

Hand made Gourd vase by TwistedThicket

Handmade by dbabcock

Handmade by BridgemanStudios
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