Sunday, December 12, 2010

Great Reasons to Use Solar Patio Lights

The patio is one of the great lifestyle features of any home. This is where the family can relax, where friends can be entertained, just a great place to put your feet up and enjoy a lazy summer’s day. At night, particularly in the warm weather, it's the entertaining area for parties and those fabulous alfresco dinners. Solar patio lights are becoming extremely popular, and for very good reasons.
Patio lighting
Everybody has their own tastes regarding external lighting, and a large area like a patio really does involve making a few decisions about how you want the area to be lit. Most people don't like really garish lights, and let's face it, nobody likes the power bills much, either.
Good lighting also involves design, and as most people know only too well, working with wiring for external areas is very much an acquired taste. Few homeowners are overjoyed with the idea of putting live electrical fittings in areas where they might get wet or need servicing.
There’s a further complication in the fact that external lighting can be quite difficult to install in some places. Installation can involve quite literally taking apart parts of the house, which is both expensive and in some cases more trouble than it's worth. There's only so much the average human being is prepared to do to install a light globe.

Solar patio lights

Solar patio lights have turned out to be the ideal solution to all these issues. They're cheap, efficient and they don't need wiring. A typical solar stake light provides subdued lighting around the external areas of the house, and the more powerful solar mag and spot lights can do the job where stronger lighting is required.
Solar lights are also a lot easier to work with in areas with complex designs. If you have a patio which includes a pergola, you may want a range of lighting effects to highlight the various external features. This is a lifestyle choice, and fortunately for consumers there's a gigantic range of choices available in types and sizes of solar lights.
There's no need to worry about style issues, either. Ever since solar light designers found out that you can put a solar light in practically any form of cover, everything from solar light garden gnomes to solar light fish have been coming on the market regularly.
There's a further advantage in solar lights which rarely gets a mention. Solar lights are very easy to manage, and because they're not actually fittings it’s very easy to get repair work done if necessary. Most of the smaller lights can simply be replaced, without fuss. The bigger lights are all portable and in most cases all that ever needs to happen is to simply change a globe and perhaps the odd wiring replacement once in a blue moon.
Solar patio lights are so popular and so useful that they're actively replacing many of the old external lighting systems. They’re certainly far more cost-effective, and generally pay for themselves in power savings within the first year. If you're looking for great lighting for your patio, start with solar.


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