Wednesday, March 3, 2010

How To Make Whitewash Furniture

whitewash furniture has peaks and troughs in its popularity. Currently it has found its popularity has reached new heights and pieces have been known to sell for incredible amounts of money. There are places that you can buy high quality white furniture such as beds and bedside tables for good a good price, but if you want to make your own here is how.

1.First you need to sand down whatever pierce of furniture you wish to whitewash. This can be done just by using a piece of sandpaper or an electrical sanding device. If the piece has many layers of paint on it, you might need to use chemical paint stripping.You then need to clean the wood thoroughly to remove all dirt, dust and sawdust. Wait for wood to dry

2.Next find a container and mix two parts white paint (ideally latex paint) with one part water. you need to get hold of a 3" high quality paint brush and make sure you have a moist clean cloth to wipe away any mistakes you make. Using long sweeping strokes, brush over the wood following the grain. because the paint is watery, the wood will soak it up so you need to make sure you go over each patch well.

3.When the piece is completely covered and still damp, wipe over it with a clean cloth until the grain starts to show through again. This is give the wood a light stain look but if you want a deeper more expensive look, just repeat the previous steps as many times as you like, four should do it though.

4.When you achieve a look that you are happy with, give the wood another light sanding down to expose the grain and and then seal the wood using a satin clear polyurethane. let the substance dry before taking an abrasive nylon pad to it and rubbing gently over it. Repeat this as many times as you like until you get a look you like. Use this method to create a great white wardrobes, bedside table or even dresser.


zizzybob said...

To continue that white wash look, how about a delicate bowl sitting on the dresser?

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