Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Get this Look for Less...

This photo, originally found at Traditional Home, is a gorgeous living room created by Tom Stringer. It provides a great example of what to do with a large wall not only in a living room but in any room. Here is what the designer had to say about it:

Get a grid
“Deciding what kind of art is right for the big wall behind the sofa is an easy problem to resolve when you remember that there’s power in numbers. Groups of similar images in matched frames add graphic punch and interest to the behind-sofa wall—which really is a blank canvas…an opportunity. This also solves a problem when a suitably scaled painting isn’t available. Here, a collection of antique bird prints are framed in a simple contemporary molding that echoes the style and finish of the side tables. I like to hang multiple images in a tight grid, just shy of the length of the sofa, with equal margins at the top of the sofa and bottom of the ceiling molding.”

Visit www.DesignStyleGuide.net website for some of our suggestions to create this look for less:


Michelle said...

ive been meaning to do somthing above the couch! this is great thanks for sharing.

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