Monday, August 10, 2009

Let's Talk About Wood

I'm a woodworker. I love the feel, smell, and look of wood in my shop, and I love seeing beautiful pieces of furniture, made from beautiful pieces of wood, sitting in someone's home.

Today I'm going to show you some wonderful examples of the woodworker's art. Keep these in mind the next time you decide to purchase furniture for your home or someone else's.

First on the list is a piece by an old favorite of mine, Black Mountain Furniture. This is a Farm Table and Bench Set, which includes a Tapered Leg Farm Table with 2 matching Benches. It would look beautiful in so many homes here in Texas, and in millions of homes across the U.S., Mexico or Canada. It's not a formal dining room set, but I'm not really interested in formal dining, and neither are lots of other people these days. For me, this table with two benches is the perfect solution, the perfect centerpiece for the perfect dining room.

This is a mood light, a "Naturalight" from Tuavus Design. This is a piece of functional art for your living room, den, study, library, whatever. It is made of Bocote, an exotic hardwood harvested somewhere in the tropical regions of the Americas. It features brass inlays and blue LED illumination. The lights are turned off by laying the piece over on one side, turned back on by standing it up on end as you see it here.

The Naturalight is stunning from any angle, daytime or nighttime, and will serve as the perfect starting point around which your room's de├žor is designed.

Next I'd like to show you this wonderful mirror, suitable for your bedroom, livingroom, or over the mantel of your fireplace. It was designed and built by Ed Arts and Crafts Mission Style Handcrafted Furniture, and is made of Quartersawn White Oak with Walnut dowels. Not only does this piece shine on its own, but it will show off your beauty as well, as you gaze into the 30" x 24" mirror mounted in this gorgeous wooden frame.

I can't help but put one of my own creations into this group. I built this small Candle Holder out of Spalted Pecan I picked up from my local sawyer. I built two of these and my wife immediately claimed one of them as her own. The other one is presented here.

This candle holder will provide intimate, flickering light at your table as you enjoy a bottle of your favorite vintage, or illuminate your master bath whilst you indulge yourself with a tub full of bubbles.

The possible uses for beautiful pieces of wood are nearly endless. The love and care our woodworkers here at Design Style Guide pour into their products is palpable. And the woodworking choices you, as a homeowner or interior designer, have available to you here are numerous and exciting. It inspires me to see these items. Take a look through all our woodworking offerings, all our furniture, and see what inspires you.


Anonymous said...
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debbabcock said...

You do beautiful work; thanks for sharing.

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