Friday, August 14, 2009

All Things Skinny

We've all got a nook or cranny we'd like to fill with something beautiful, something handmade, something uniquely Design Style Guide. Long and narrow is what I'm talking about here, so let's see what I found for the nooks and crannies in your house that need a little spicing up, a little pi-zazz with a capital 'p'!

First up, and admittedly the inspiration for this post, a 3-shelf Narrow Chimney Cabinet from Black Mountain Furniture. This lovely nook piece comes in your choice of over 50 different distressed colors to choose from.

This skinny collage, inspired by Mother Nature and created by Wyldewood Papers, is entitled Cherry Sunset and fits nicely into a cranny at 6"x24".

Stand tall with this Lady Liberty folding screen from Atelier Expo Art, printed on high quality polyester tissue, padded, framed in metal with metal hinges.

Another beauty, this skinny Antique Barnwood Jelly Cupboard from Strong Oaks Woodshop made from vintage 1800's southern yellow pine features an all-natural, hand rubbed, non-toxic beeswax and citrus oil finish.

Finally, who ever said the nooks all had to be indoors? This fabulous Two Tiered Celestial Wind Sculpture from Christopher Crooks Designs stands over 8 feet tall and is balanced to pivot in the wind.
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