Monday, June 29, 2009

Meet Kristi of Sassy Shades!

Kristi Uvence is the creative mind behind etsy shop Sassy Shades and she's a 4 Star Member of the Design Style Guide. I asked her to tell us a little about herself and her creations.

"I create custom decorative lampshades using an eclectic mix of various textiles and trims. I've always wanted to have my own business. One day while looking around my house I thought of how fun it would be to create lampshades in different and unique ways not found a your typical store. While looking through a magazine subscription there was an article on a woman in Vermont who gave Saturday lampshade making classes during her off season. I took the plunge, flew across the US, and from there Sassy Shades was born! "

What's your creative process? My creative process is simple....true inspiration comes from a happy heart! You never know when an idea pops in your head. For me it could be on the soccer field with my son, working in the garden, or walking to the beach. My mind never stops! At the present, I do not have a set schedule. I make lampshades day or night. A majority of the textiles I use are purchased from estate sales, online, antique shops, or garage sales. You never know when you have come in contact with a prized possession. The hunt is so fun!

Talk a little about your views on combining vintage fabrics with newly handmade items. I absolutely love the idea of bringing something old back to life. Often we come in contact with items that might remind us of our grandparents, a childhood memory, a special event or whatever. Ta king something vintage that is near and dear to the heart, that might be simply stored away, and creating it into something that can be displayed for daily enjoyment just thrills me! I have a friend who would like me to use the lace from her mother's wedding dress to make lampshades for her sisters so that they can all have a piece of their mother!

What kind of d├ęcor works best with your creations? My lampshades come is several different styles and sizes. Everyone has their own unique style of decorating. While I tend to be partial to vintage, I also love doing children's shades, funky and colorful shades, or something fun and whimsy. The sky is the limit! I do offer custom services for the shoppers who might not find what they are looking for in my shop. I would like to be able to provide something for everyone. A sassy lampshade can fit in any room, office, cabin, etc. depending on a person's personal taste and the ambiance they desire to create.

Is there anything new on the horizon that you’re working on? I'm always working on lampshades and I find that I am forever surprised with the "new" items that are about to be unveiled.

How do you promote your work? As a fairly new start up business, I find that promoting is crucial. One of the best avenues is word of mouth. The more you get your name and product out the more people will discover you. I do believe that a catchy logo and name is important. If it's "sassy" enough, it's going to be remembered!

I've been working on my own website and blog and hope to have those up soon. I do spend a fair amount of time in the Etsy forums. Recently, I purchased stickers which I plan to distribute and stick on everything. I did a few of the local markets in my town last summer and would like to start introducing my lampshades to interior designers. Wherever I go, I talk, talk, talk!

Outside of the lampshade business, what else do you like to do? Outside of my lampshade business, I am the part-time bookkeeper for our family restaurant, a personal gardener for a friend, and a full-time mom & chauffeur for my son.

Final thoughts:

Each lampshade is handmade from my own recipe (no secret):

“Sassy” Shade Ingredients:

An array of fun and colorful textiles or unique finds (old and new)

Tossed with an armful of imagination and charm

Add a dash of trim Sprinkle with a passion for detail

Handle and combine cheerfully

Put on top of a lamp base and indulge!

Be sure to stop by Kristi's shop to see her entire selection of shades for all your home decor needs!


Unknown said...

Wonderful Post, thank you for sharing Kristi's Sassy Shades with us. I love her creativity!

Karen Faulkner said...

I love her stylish lampshades!

sassyshades said...

Thank you so much for featuring my shop, Sassy Shades! What an honor!!

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