Thursday, May 28, 2009

Purple Rain

I only wanted 2 see u laughing in the purple rain
Purple Rain by Prince

When I think of springtime, it is rain and freshly blooming flowers that come to mind first. And one of my favorite spring flowers is lilac, both for its beautiful color as well as the intoxicating aroma.

Talented members of the Design Style Guide have used a number of media to recreate that lilac fresh ambiance so you can enjoy springtime indoors all year long.

Photographer AnnWilkinson offers a set of five spring flower photographs including this beautiful lilac. They come as 5”x 5” prints perfect for an office, den, child’s room or bathroom setting.

Ceramic artist Dorothydomingo adds a touch of purple rain to the kitchen with this set of hyacinth bowls. They’re made of speckled stoneware clay and are a perfect size for your morning cereal, luncheon soup, or an ice cream dessert.

A touch of spring elegance is found in this gorgeous glass bowl by rdgdesigns. It is made of handblown glass that was dipped in cold water and then reheated to give the exterior a beautiful alligator look.

Einstein’s E Equals MC Two is the name of an original silk painting by Mysticsilks. I love the way she has combined the geometric shapes of a left-brained scientist with the beautiful arrangement of colors by a definitely right-brained artist. It’s a stunning piece of fine art.

And for a touch of springtime whimsy, this Simple Soul Daisy Doodle Bowl entitled BLOOM by loveartworks is both a work of art as well as very functional piece of ceramic pottery. The design continues on to the bottom of the bowl, giving pleasure to everyone, including the one in charge of washing dishes!

Extend the springtime season in your home with these and other items made by the artists of the

- Deb Babcock


Mystic Silks said...
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Mystic Silks said...

Deb, wonderful blog--:)

Thank you--:)


Becky Joy said...

Beautiful pieces.

Ann Wilkinson said...

What beautiful choices, Deb! I love those ice cream bowls! What a fantastic colorway!

Thank you for including my photographs in this collection.

Nice blog, too!

Yankeegirl said...

Gorgeous selections, Deb!!
Love lilacs!

Unknown said...

Beautiful selections. Nothing says spring like a vase of lilacs!

Unknown said...

Something popped into my mind as I was looking at these. What do you think of adding these as bedroom decor, and changing the sheets, and the wall color to different shades of purple?

Would make a purple room, but it'd probably look very good as well!


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