Tuesday, May 12, 2009

ArtPrize is here folks!

The world's largest art prize in History

ArtPrize is a radically open competition.

Open to any artist in the world who can find space.

Open to anybody in the city who wants to create a venue.

Open to a vote from anyone who attends.

We admit... it's an experiment. A fun experiment.

Come and see ArtPrize

The Basics

At ArtPrize, any artist—from established to emerging—has the chance to show work. Any visitor can vote. The vote will determine who wins the largest art prize in the world. We also took the unusual step to allow people in the city to open a venue and choose the artists to show in their space. There is not one official curator or jury for the competition.
The number of venues is fluid, so the number of competing artists is fluid.

The possibilities are wide open.We can't predict what will happen, but it should be a lot of fun finding out.

Come and see.

Top prize: $250,000 Dates: September 23 - October 10 Location: Grand Rapids, MI USA.

Winner is determined by public vote. All attendees of the event can vote. Top 10 entries will receive a prize.

Multiple artists can collaborate on an entry. Artists may only submit one entry.

Property owners/renters in downtown Grand Rapids can become a venue. Number of artists represented is only limited by number of venues that become available.


Design Style Guide members are some of the best artists I have seen and I couldn't help but think of the possibilities. Each Design Style Guide member could easily compete on their own, even better, team members could collaborate. I admit the idea of DSG members combining their art into one entry for ArtPrize takes my breath away! The venue can become an entire gallery with many pieces, it is wide open.

Mr. DeVos wants to reboot the conversation between the public and artists. Design Style Guide is a perfect group of people to do just that.

Think of it, DSG members work toward what I think is the most intimate form of art, homes and the people who live there. Of course none of us would be upset to have a piece in a museum but really isn't our goal to interact on a daily basis with people through our Art? To bring beauty to folks everyday lives?

I hope this has sparked your interest in this amazing project. Whether you want to participate or just come to Grand Rapids to witness this event first hand and vote, we would love to see you in September.

On a more personal note Mark is going to enter a large outdoor sculpture in ArtPrize.

Mark designed and built this sculpture that is in front of our home.

So as you can see from the picture, this project is right up his alley. Mark can hardly sleep he is so excited about participating in this event. I will be keeping everyone updated on his progress and other interesting things that happen along the way to September and after for the results.

Thanks so much for reading. Please stop back for updates and as always, the Best in handmade home decor with Design Style Guide

Suzanne & Mark Vainner

Turnadaisy is turning on plants , parties, displays and projects everywhere! Recycled, rotating tables with a dizzying array of styles and uses.


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