Thursday, March 12, 2009

Loving Black and White

Imagine… a romantic bedroom filled with black and white. The furniture is all a lovely black lacquer wood.

Sitting on a black shelf is this lovely personalized 8x10 photo by JavaJaneDesigns.

JavaJaneDesigns by JavaJaneDesigns – click picture to see the listing

CarolinaCottageOn each side of the bed are lovely black side tables. These fun black and white coasters by CarolinaCottage grace each table.

by CarolinaCottage – click the picture

A gorgeous matching black headboard on the bed is beautifully contrasted with this gorgeous, hand quilted, white quilt.


by Bettsquilts – click picture to see listing

handknittedthingsThen… to pull it all together, this lovely hand knitted pillow by HandKnittedThings.

by Handknittedthings – click the picture

MadhatterspotteryAnd what would a romantic black and white bedroom be without a candle from MadHattersPottery? This one is created in a lovely black glaze, with black and silver ornament – filled with chocolate raspberry scented soy wax.

by MadHattersPottery – click the picture for the listing

Black and White can be seductive, romantic and alluring in home decor when combined in just the right way!


Unknown said...

Great post. I love the black and white decor!

Diana said...

What a visual description. I can see this romantic bedroom with all these great accessories.

Jennifer Simpson said...

I love the way you're putting a whole look together from various Etsy shops . ... great idea :). Beautiful choices!

Hand Knitted Things said...

Hi, thanks so much for using my cushion in your great blog post. I like the way you have described the room and your use of the photographs in between ( I must learn how to rotate pics at angles like that)very effective. Especially like the white quilt cover.Thanks, Julia

Candice Hayden said...

Thank you so much for including my candle in your fabulous room!

Kenna Elizabeth said...

What a classic, beautiful feature-- I can imagine this would make a lovely and unique room to be sure.

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