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Affordable art for your walls, featuring Liz Plummer

Liz Plummer is a textile artist. You can see these wonderful works as well as many of her other pieces in her Etsy Store. She is such a versitile artist, creating in a variety of mediums and styles. I love her gocco prints! She has those great gocco prints, fabric postcards, large wall hangings, mixed media collages, mounted art quilts, and much more!

Spiders Web Collage on art board - available for only $30.00!

liz 1

Spiders' webs on a collage of leaves and autumn debris is an original tissue paper collage on art board. It is made with acid free tissue paper and quality acrylic paints and acrylic medium, and also incorporates printed paper and Italian newspaper to form a dramatic abstract picture. The many layers and texture of the transparent tissue paper provide depth and interest to the design.

In her own words, Liz says:

I’m a textile artist living in South Wales in the UK. A few things about me:

* I love the feel and texture of fabric, the effects of layering it and using sheers to give the illusion of depth or cutting back layers to reveal hidden elements underneath.

* A City and Guilds certificate in Patchwork and Quilting (completed June 2004) got me started working with layers of fabric, experimenting with paint, dye and other media and learning about colour and design.

* The Quiltart email discussion list, based in the US, has provided me with challenges, ideas and stimulation. My journal quilts and fabric postcards originated here (see Portfolio).

* I am based in Wales, in the UK, where I have lived with my husband and 3 boys since 1989.

* I have always made things: knitting and sewing at a young age, though usually from patterns and magazines. I first bought a sewing machine in the 1980s when I needed a dress for my brother’s wedding. My degree in history reflects my interest in the past and I love visiting textile museums, silk mills etc.

"Rushing hither and thither in our daily lives, there are so many little details we miss. The glistening raindrop on a branch, the way a leaf hangs, sparkling streets after rain.
I try and capture some of those moments in my artwork: the wonder of the beautiful world all around us, little vignettes into eternity.....
I love working with layers: layers of fabric, paint, dye, adding colours, taking away colours, building up those layers to create depth and meaning in each piece of art I make.
Most of my work uses fabric which I have dyed, painted or otherwise altered myself. I use a variety of fibres depending on the effect I want to achieve, including cotton and silk."

Here is one of those great gocco prints!

Botanical Gocco Print on handmade Khadi Paper - Plane tree seedpods - price at only $10.00!

Liz 2

This is based on a photograph Liz took. It is 6"x4" on handmade Khadi paper, made in Southern India from 100% recycled cotton rag. She used Golden heavy body acrylic paint and Golden screen printing medium. It is an original print and the nature of the Print Gocco means that each print is individual and unique.

Visit her great blog here! I never miss it.

Next month, I'll bring you more affordable art for your walls!

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Thank you!

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