Wednesday, October 22, 2008

thank god, there's a hephalump here

As I’m writing this, the weather here in Maine is dismal. I peek out the window onto a scene of gloomy gray, broken only by an untidy smear of orange where a couple of stubborn trees still grasp the last handful of their bright leaves. I’ve been looking for reprieve at my computer, and I’ve found it. It seems to me that tsktsk is the opposite of a rainy day.

What could be more cheery than a trio of hephalumps? Gentle hephalump, baby hephalump, and party hephalump stare up inquisitively from my monitor, their eager looks like the expectant gaze of puppies at the Humane Society, and I can’t help but want to adopt them all! How endearing they look with their colorfully branded hides, emotive trunks, and dainty black toenails.

Aussie designer tsktsk produces delightful matryoshka-doll, folk-girl and bird illustrations as well. Of these, my favorites are the quartet of gals with names derived from Native American words: Wapeka, Lakota, Sakari, and Tehya. The blues and tans in these compositions are rich and soft, and on the figures' faces quiet emotions are mirrored with rare accuracy.

For more insight into this artist’s creative life, you might want to visit tsktsk blog.

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