Sunday, September 7, 2008

Colorful Interior!

Though it is Autumn now.. but let's make our interior colorful with a variety of home decoration items from Design Style Guide.

Let me show some of my favourites items ... hope you will like it too.

Postage stamp bowl by Bombus

Circling Fish Bottlecap Magnets by dandylioneggs

Large table-top multicolor copper wire basket in autumn colors by Xanadu2You

Technicolor Seating by MSM- 5x7 Fine Art Photograph Print by ara133photography

Colorful Fish Fused Glass Windchime Suncatcher by creationsinglass


Babs said...

Very cool stuff! I love all those colors!


Modern Furniture said...

colorful interior, colorful life right Guys ??

Reginia @NotSoModern said...

Oh these colors just "perk" me right up! I love it!

fluffnflowers said...

Great selection! I love all of the colors and now have to go check out that stamp bowl. Thanks for sharing your picks! :)

Unknown said...

happy that many of you likes the colorful selections! yeah me too hahaha it makes my happy day!

Andrea said...

I love these pics. So fun and colorful!

Anonymous said...

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