Thursday, September 11, 2008


A nod to my favorite vegetable...

"artichokes" by MHolland.

"Coronation" by Flandersfield.

"Artichoke Vase" by dbabock.

"Artichoke Wycinanki Polish Style Papercut" by papercutsbyjoe.

"Artichoke Print" by thelittlebeadhive.


Marionette said...

So many beautiful ways to represent artichokes! Who knew? Lovely piece!

Aloha from Kauai,

Kandas | GratitudeGeek said...

Yea, I was pretty blown away, too. My favorite I think is coronation. :)

Modern Furniture said...

That flower art is just fabulous !!
Check out this one too for Modern Art

f2images said...

I always consider artichokes a "fancy" vegetable. I think any of these pieces would make a rich addition to a kitchen or dining room. Lovely!

Midnightcoiler said...

These are spectacular! Truly gourmet art!
Now I'm thinking of my grandfather from Italy, who made stuffed artichokes only for the adults at Sunday dinner. When gourmet fare was served, we kids were told that we wouldn't like it... hmmm..

Kandas | GratitudeGeek said...

Ooooh! Stuffed Artichokes! Now that is a recipe I want!

I grew up in Castroville, California, the Artichoke Capital of the World. We could buy grocery bags full of artichokes for just a few dollars. We would eat them with almost every meal!

Here in Texas, they cost over a dollar each. I do not eat them as often as I did as a kid. Obviously. Plus, my husband doesn't like them. However, my daughter did try one and liked it.

As soon as we have fully recovered from this darn Hurricane, I am buying a couple of artichokes!!!

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