Monday, August 25, 2008

Lighting the way ... illuminate your life in a unique fashion

This is my first blog for Design Style Guide. So let me beign with an introduction. I am a visual artist from the UK. I have my own photographic art studio in Cornwall, called Green Island Studios, where I work full time producing visual art in a variety of media.

Light is the essential tool for any photographic artist, and I guess that this is why I am very aware of light as a force. I enjoy noticing the many ways that light transforms the world around us. This collection of handmade items from some of our talented Design Style Guide members, are great ways to enjoy the transformations that light can make in your home.

Light My Fire Pillar Candle by TheWildfire

This Patchouli & Sandalwood Candle burns leaving an outer shell behind. So once the candle has burned down, you can insert a tea light, and continue to enjoy the lyrics and the design over and over again.

Fused Glass Tree of Life Collage Night Light by AtlantisDesigns

A wonderful way to cast a low light into any room or corner of your home, a copper silhouette of a tree shows through the deep green center of this gorgeous night light.

Jellyfish Lamp by 1015Designs

This quirky and unique lamp was created from metal and has an illuminated handblown glass cap.

Tank Lamp by fringecollection

And a great concept too... this is made from discarded propane, refrigerant, and helium tanks collected from forest shooting areas. The bullet-riddled steel makes a striking impression in daylight and the skeletal structure projects beautiful patterns when illuminated at night.

Cool/Simple two candle holder by OldSchoolBlacksmith

OldSchoolBlacksmith uses the traditional tools of the Blacksmith; hand hammers and a coal forge. "By Hammer and Hand these arts do stand" is the makers motto. I love this for it's simplicity.

Just type in "light" and "interiordesignteam" into an etsy tag search and see what treasures our team have for you to light up your life. See you again soon, Jo


f2images said...

Really like the Light My Fire candle and the iron candle holder. Beautiful!

Ponderin' Mama said...

Amazing picks! I like each one... they all have their own unique lighting.
Thanks for including my pillar candle.

Jackie said...


Donna, The Decorated House said...

What a beautiful things you are showcasing.
Light + InteriorDesignTeam Excellent!

Roman lesnar said...

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pitbull said...

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