Friday, June 13, 2008

The UnExpected - Deck

It's hot. At least in the northern hemisphere. And at my apartment, absolutely every moment possible is spent outside on our little deck. Beautiful with the sounds of birds and a huge maple that brushes down onto one corner and plenty of plants in beautiful glazed pots. But why do we so often leave the decorating to those pots. Here are some unexpected choices for making the outside, another room of your home.

whirligig pillow set
from enhabiten

Wonderful crisp clean colors and each pillow is filled with buckwheat hulls and lavender which can only add more soft sounds and scents to our outdoor space (ideal if plants are not possible). Plus each pillow (and you get two) is 9" x 14.5" - a perfect size to toss into your 'deck bag' and bring inside.

It's only natural - large tree tote
from cipolla

Deck bag? Grab a great bag like this linen and cotton tote to bring your outdoor decor easily in and out in inclement weather and you'll never be more than 30 seconds away from bliss.

pale palmera leaf metal artwork
from CopperLeafStudios

Perfect to set the mood of a relaxing space, a pairing of these amazing zinc images would make any space. Nestle them close to the house, under an overhang for protection (avoid rain and bring indoors in the winter), and they will evoke the sounds of a pond anywhere they hang.

small oval dish
from DishfulsofDoodles

An abstract celebration of natural forms makes this dish ideal for the center of the table. With my pockets always full of pebbles and shells I've collected from the shore, this platter provides a stylish way to display such found natural treasures.

These ideas can so easily transform your deck into a haven for every spare moment. Your space is really yours now, with all your great design sense added and quite frankly, I'm not sure you'll be able to get your friends to go home. But hey, that's the price to pay for great design. Might as well bring them some lemonade.

Celadon Green Tumbler Serving Set
from juditavill


P.S. Show us what you can do with your outdoor space - post a link to your photo in a comment!


Unknown said...

I only wish I could share a link to my fabulous deck space, filled with gorgeous accessories like the ones you have shared... but I don't have an outdoor space at all!!

One can dream, and I'm certainly inspired by all of these fabulous finds! Thanks for sharing and excellent post!

Renee said...

A very nice article and some gorgeous finds!

Elegantsnobbery, I'm so sorry you don't have an outside space. The products featured would also work inside the home and help bring a little of the outdoors in.

Lisa said...

Ditto on the lack of outdoor space. We're waiting until next spring to put in our backyard ... but I may just have to go shopping anyway for the 'indoors'. Our team is so talented.

dianeclancy said...

You are making more than ever wish I had a deck!! What lovely items these are!!

~ Diane Clancy

f2images said...

Love the Palmera Metal artwork and the tumblers. Some amazing picks from our gifted team!!

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