Thursday, January 19, 2012

Why use Crystals in the Home?

Kitchen appliances are time saving and necessary for a high functioning modern family however they can also produce low level radiation. All household appliances generate electromagnetic energy, or an electromagnetic field (EMF), that can impact our health and relationships. Correct placement of crystals around the home can absorb the electromagnetic field and re-balance the energy in the living space.

Crystals and Home Appliances

Home devices such as digital cameras, computers, large televisions and kitchen appliances all give off electromagnetic energy and radiation that can be reduced by crystals. This is not to say that Bosch dishwashers, refrigerators and electric juicers are bad for your health, on the contrary, they make life easy and sustain your family.

Crystals and geodes are not only delightful ornaments in the home they can also protect, cleanse and clear the home of negative energy. Much like the ancient practice of Feng Shui, crystal placement through the living space engenders balance, harmony and positive energy.

Kitchen Crystal Tips

  • Clear or smoky quartz can be purchased in clusters or single pieces and can reduce radiation from kitchen appliances.
  • Zeolite is a microporous mineral composed of aluminium, silicone and oxygen. It works in the kitchen to absorb cooking odours.
  • Rose quartz and amethyst are two crystals commonly used to foster balance and harmony. Rose quartz crystal is usually light pink in colour while amethyst ranges from mauve to dark purple. Either one of these can be placed in the dining area to encourage peaceful family meals.

Bedroom Crystal Tips

  • Rose quartz is associated with encouraging romance and a large geode can make a pleasant bedroom ornament.
  • Amethyst is regarded as possessing power to neutralise negativity while you sleep. If you suffer from nightmares or sleep disturbances place a small crystal under the pillow.
  • Place clear quartz on any appliances or power outlets near your bed it will absorb some of the electromagnetic energy.
  • Tiger’s Eye is believed to induce spiritual well-being and be helpful in healing from injury and sickness. Place some close to your body, either on a necklace while you sleep or next to the bed.

Crystals in the living Room

Since the living room is usually the busiest room in the house and a lot of different energy passes through this space a large amethyst geode can generate protection.

  • A large rose quartz geode placed in the lounge room is helpful in aiding communication between loved ones and encourages warm and loving energy.
  • Green fluorite helps remove negative energy from the area.
  • Clear quartz crystals placed on or under the television or entertainment unit absorb electromagnetic energy.

Crystals that reduce Electromagnetic Energy

  • Clear Quartz
  • Smoky Quartz
  • Rose Quartz
  • Amethyst ( also a form of Quartz)
  • Citrine (Citrine is a rare form of Quartz. Make sure you are not buying heat treated Amethyst)
  • Fluorite
Quartz is one of the most abundant minerals found in the Earth’s continental crust.


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Crystals and geodes are not only delightful ornaments in the home they can also protect, cleanse and clear the home of negative energy.

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