Saturday, January 1, 2011


First of all we wish you a HAPPY NEW YEAR! May the year 2011 be one of the most prosperous years ever!

This time of the year is usually a time when I look back and see everything that we accomplished and plan for the new year ahead to achieve even greater success.

I am amazed how much we already accomplished as a team, when I look at our humble beginnings when we did not even have a website. This past year was filled with step by step progress in almost every month. Some of the major developments include the following:

1. We re designed our main page where we are highlighting the listings that are paired up with a coordinating room – otherwise known as ADD ON Feature.
2. We added an ability to add your FaceBook, Twitter and Blog links to your profile page, so your fans can follow you with one click of a button.
3. We developed our ADD ON Feature where we can add a coordinating room to your listing. This feature was designed to inspire our readers as well as promote the Interior Designers that can now have an integral part on our website.
4. We added an additional Log In for Interior Designers where they will too be able to become members of our team and have a separate portfolio on our site – connecting their room listings with your listings through our ADD ON Feature.
5. We created a new Gallery that lists all the listings with ADD ON Feature
6. We also added directories for DSG members as well as Designers and they are search able by key word or locations, thus it is easy to find both from certain state of city.
7. We also added a voting system to our Treasuries where you can add up to 5 stars for each Treasury once you click on each Treasury’s link.
8. We started our new team blog/community where we can network with each other and highlight listings and members of our team. We currently have 4675 followers.
9. We also started our FaceBook Page with 1051 followers as well as our Twitter page with 835 followers.
10. We also passed 5000 listings on our site.

So with all that what is our nest step?

Our Next Step is to move forward in full force inviting Interior Designers to come and join our team, promoting our team in various ways using everything we have created, creating many new YouTube Videos, promoting members on our blog and growing our collective portfolio. The Sky is the Limit!

HAPPY NEW YEAR ! May all your dreams come true!!!

What are some of your New Year’s Resolutions? Let us know in the comments bellow.


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