Thursday, March 4, 2010

Unusual gifts for all the family

The common hot water bottle seems to do the opposite to some furry mammals, who at this time of the year are beginning to hibernate. Until it senses the first signs of a chill, it lurks in the corner of some cupboard or box. Then, voila! It sits there at the bottom of the bed
Of course this is nonsense, but I just wanted to highlight that for most of us hot water bottles are. I can't even remember the last time that I actually bought one. it would have probably been a last minute Christmas present for an elderly relative.
We as as nation still appear to be 'tied' totally to them. We were once as a nation ridiculed by a Hungarian born author, George Mikes. He is quoted as saying "Continental people have sex lives, the English have hot water bottles", in his funny book entitled 'How to be an alien'. It is possible that there was an element of truth in the parody, especially in the days when designs were bland and uninteresting. These are adjectives that probably match a typical continental view of Anglo Saxon sex.
But wait a minute! Things have changed. i wouldn't have believed it, but these things are actually now considered to be 'sexy'? I found this site the other day that stocks styles and shapes that are quite different. If I was ever searching for an unusual gift to buy, special objects not normally seen in the shops, this place would be the place begin looking. They have everything here, from a buddha statue to retro phones, and most things in between!
For anyone interested solely in hot water bottles, the ones that appealed to me were the cushioned shaped products. These looked extremely comfortable, and may even offer great therapeutic value - especially to sufferers of aching necks and lower backs. They are made from 100% recyclable materials, and are guaranteed not to fade - perfect for the environmentally conscious.
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