Saturday, March 6, 2010

How to decorate your childs bedroom

Do you want your children to dream fairies and angels when they sleep? Well you need to then assure that you decorate your child's sleeping room not just lavishly but also reasonably so that the colours and the room's environment motivate and promote the kids.
Here are some quick ideas that you could use to creatively decorate your child's room and feel proud when your child loves to stay in that room. Gone are the days when people used to decorate the boy's room in blue and girl's room in pink. Try to use attractive but sober shades so that it gives more of a pleasant environment. The next most important thing is the bedding. Always make sure that this goes along with the colour of the walls. It need not be the same and as that might result in a monotonous look. Ensure that the bed spread on the bed has an image like a Spiderman if it is a boy or a Barbie if it is a girl. You could also use Peppa pig toys.
Use the radium effect on the ceiling with the moon, the stars and the asteroids so that it gives an impression of a sky in the night. This is simple and you could do it yourself as these are just stickers that you need to adhere on the ceiling with a white backdrop. Ensure that there is an attractive rug that is put right beside or before the bed.
Always ensure that the room has a natural ventilation to bring in fresh air and light. Apart from the natural light you could go for lamp shades that give bright light and do not make it dull looking. The curtains and the window shades should be bright coloured but not gaudy. They should be able to prevent light entering the room in the nights so it does not disturb your kid. Always assign a corner for your kid's study place with a table and a chair and also try to put up some art work so that your kid feels proud to show his room to any visitor.


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