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How to properly store your belongings

It's surprising how much stuff we can find ourselves owning after just a few years. When you need self-storage, a little bit of organization will go a long way in making the most of your space.Step one is find a local storage facility which fits your budget requirements.A storage unit's rental cost is determined by its size - so you need to figure out just what you are going to store so you can know how much space you require.In order to adequately plan how much space you need, and how you should distribute your belongings in that space, make a full list of everything you plan to store.

Place your heavier boxes on the bottom of stacks and the fragile items on top; leave items you will access frequently near the front.It's worth your while to be sure that your company is reputable; investigate a little to see if there have been any break-ins, flooding, or anything else that could damage your belongings.The facility should have perimeter fencing with a keypad entry, security cameras, and adequate lighting. If you are storing irreplaceable photos, you will want to be sure to choose a storage facility that offers temperature-controlled units.

Take special precaution when storing photos; these should have a sheet of archival quality paper placed between each one, and then be stacked tightly together.Take copies of any irreplaceable documents before placing them in storage.When storing electronic files or materials, it's important to protect everything with a secure password.Once you are sure you have the right amount of space, you will need to get your storage materials together.You don't want your boxes sitting directly on the floor, so the first step is to get some heavy plastic or wooden shelving or pallets. Since you are storing for the medium- to long-term, it is worth the time and expense to get standard, quality, sturdy cardboard boxes.

This makes them easier to stack, organize, label, etc., particularly if you take care not to pick overly large boxes.If your budget means that you need to get boxes or cartons from the supermarket, be sure they are intact (no tears) and have lids or closable tops so your items won't get dusty.With your boxes ready, you now need to focus on getting the right packing materials.Although it's true that your boxes won't be moved around once they are placed in storage, you want to avoid the potential for accidental damage.When choosing packing material, avoid using newspaper, which can stain - instead, try foam, bubble wrap, or even wads of regular paper.

Be careful not to overstuff your boxes, because this can cause your items to get crushed, even more so if you stack boxes.One way to prevent your objects from becoming impacted is by using cardboard dividers to separate each item from each other. Finally, reinforce all the corners with tape to increase the boxs durability.Be sure to clearly label your boxes with what is inside, as well as the word "fragile" (when applicable), on all sides.As you place and stack your boxes, keep in mind the distribution plan you created when you started this process.You should purchase a special cover for certain items like a recreational vehicle, couch, or mattress.Mildew can grow under an ordinary plastic cover, which can ruin your property; that is why you should use a specially-designed cover, or find some canvas.

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Ladybird said...

I want to know more about the drawer storage staircase!?!?!

Kristina Law said...

This is a scanned image from the Vogue Living Australia Before+After Autumn/Winter 2007 issue.
The stairs are by Unicraft Joinery, Hamilton, Victoria here in Australia. No website unfortunately that I know about.

Ladybird said...

Thanks for the info. It's such a great idea.

Kristina Law said...

I like it too:)I wonder if the stairs needed to be constructed in some specific way.

Unknown said...

Thanks for posting the information about storage, as the manager of a storage facility myself in The Gold Coast I couldn’t have said it any better! It’s surprising how many people want to hire a unit to store their belongings, but haven’t given the process any thought at all and presume they can just throw things into the unit without proper packaging or preparation.                

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