Monday, November 9, 2009

My (Fantasy) Thanksgiving Table

Here are a few ideas I've been having about decorating my table and home for Thanksgiving. All selections are picked from the pages of Design Style Guide's wonderful designers. Some of these selections are incompatible with one another, but all are suitable as part of the setting for a feast.

Before I get to my table I want to take care of the front door. When my guests arrive I want to set the mood immediately. This Autumn Scented Wreath by Felicia Kramer/FPK Enterprises Inc. is the perfect tool for that job. It is apple scented. I'm serving apples in my fruit salad. That works out great!


...I could go with this beautiful wreath by Southern Girl Florals. It isn't scented, but that might not be a problem considering I'm hanging this outside on my front door, and we generally have lots of wind around the end of November. This beauty has similar colors to the first one with an emphasis on flowers and leaves instead of fruit. Hmmm... choices, choices... This is a great problem to have!

To get things started on the inside of my house I want to cover my grandmother antique table to protect it from (further) damage. So I'll use this fabulous quilted table runner by btaylor quilts. This is the perfect combination of colors to highlight my turkey dinner. The details in this quilt are subtle, and the whole thing is punctuated with bright fall colors mixed into the darker whole, just like the dinner I have planned.

I want some mood lighting for my table so I turn to these beautiful black walnut candle holders by MaxWood Creations. With a couple of tapered candles burning in these, some indirect light covering the table, things are off to a great start. These candle holders are elegant enough to hold their own in most settings, yet simple enough to avoid distracting my guests from the beauty of the food I serve.

And if I don't want to bother with candle sticks... is a great alternative. I can just place a couple of these wonderfully scented candles in the center of my table to provide beautiful light and make my guests hungry for pumpkin pie or apples at the same time. Perfection. These candles from Bliss Soybean Candles and Gifts come in a variety of scents and sizes. It's easy to find pretty much anything you're looking for.

I need a bowl or basket for fruit or bread. I haven't decided if I have room for a fruit bowl on my table, but bread is a certainty. This "Thanksgiving Turkey" fabric bowl looks to be exactly what I want. Made by zizzybob, it is "100% cotton fabric, wrapped around a cotton rope core, then coiled and stitched" into this great one-of-a-kind bowl that will display the bread at my table very nicely indeed! Beautiful colors, fine craftsmanship, and no one else in the neighborhood will have one.

Terry Aske Art Quilts provides the final addition to my decorating masterpiece. This is a tall seasonal quilted wallhanging, suitable for Halloween and Thanksgiving. The colors are perfect for enhancing the mood for my feast, it coordinates well with the table runner, and I can place it in any of a dozen spots visible from my table.

Now, I take my choices, combine them with my grandmother's table, an old, scarred stoneware bowl she gave me years ago, add a few decorative gourds in the bowl, place my food on the table...

...and get out of the way as my family starts eating. After that, I only have to clean up a bit and then it's time to watch the Dallas Cowboys play football.

Ahhh... Life is good!


Georgy's Plant Strong Kitchen said...

Ah! What pretty things--I love this time of the year--very inspiring!

Terry Aske Art Quilts said...

Wonderful choices for a Thanksgiving celebration! Thanks for including my pumpkin wallhanging.

Jay Neale III said...

There were some tough choices involved in the writing of this blog post. Lots of DSG artisans were considered, lots of pieces looked at, but I had to narrow it down. The pieces you see here really are some of my favorites.

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