Thursday, October 8, 2009

Tuscan Style

A peak at my library card records will tell you that lately I've been obsessed with Tuscan furniture and home decor. The warm earthy colors and comfortable furnishings are appealing.

Here are some Tuscan style decor finds from Design Style Guide:

TileSmile's Joy Tile makes me happy.

Lana Dashevsky's Poppy Field Italy, 8x12 Original Signed Photo gives a child's eye view of the Italian countryside.

I just love floor cloths and Step On It Art's Tuscan Tile Canvas Rug Floorcloth is gorgeous!

WindDancer Photos For the Chef - Garlic Still Life has ethereal culinary appeal (pun intended).

LimeTea's Balancing Wine Bottle Holder for those homestyle Italian meals.


Melanie said...

Oh I love Tuscan Style too!!! These are great picks and a great blog! Thanks!

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